HELO EKG and HELO Vitals

HELO EKG Testing

HELO Vital Signs

The HELO smart watch is capable of performing advanced vital sign detection. The HELO can check your….Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Breathe Rate, Mood and Energy Levels, Heart Check, and an ECG (commonly know as EKG or Electrocardiograph).

HELO Vitals

HELO Monitors your Blood Pressure

Thanks to its Toshiba ApP Lite processor, the HELO wristband can perform Blood Pressure measurements with ease. Light sensors illuminate the skin measuring differences in light absorption. HELO uses this data to calculate your Blood Pressure measurement. The more measurements HELO wristband performs, the more accurate it becomes.


HELO ECG (Electrocardiogram) Measurements

The HELO health monitor can perform advanced measurements not normally seen on wearable technology. The HELO performs an ECG (Electrocardiogram) test by a combination of sensors, real-time heart-rate, and blood pressure readings. When HELO is done analyzing your current heart input, the test measurements and your status are displayed on the HELO App. The test can be repeated or you can store the information for later comparison or review by your personal physician.

HELO Vitals

HELO Measures your Heart Rate

The HELO health monitor measures your heart rate in beats per minute. Once the measurement is completed, HELO displays the information on the HELO App and allows you to choose to repeat the test or store the results to compare at a later date.

HELO Vitals

HELO Measures your Breathing

The HELO wristband can measure your breathing in breaths per minute, and with all of its features enabled it’s powerful enough to actually notify a loved one automatically if breathing levels drop down below a predefined level!  WOW!  When the HELO wristband is finished performing the breathing test, it displays the breathing test results on the HELO App. You can repeat the test or choose to save the results for future comparison or for your doctor to review.


HELO Measures your Mood and Sleep

The HELO health monitor uses its Toshiba ApP Lite processor to calculate sensor data while using a technically advanced algorithm to measure your mood and energy. Once the HELO health monitor has finished its mood and energy calculations, the results are displayed on the HELO App. You can preform the test again or save the results to compare at a later date.

HELO Vital Signs

HELO Performs Heart Checks

The HELO wristband performs a heart check by using a combination of your heart rate, blood pressure, and ECG results. Once the test is complete the HELO wristband transmits the information via Bluetooth to the HELO App on your smartphone or tablet. The results are displayed on the App at which time the HELO App will point out any potential problems that may need to be addressed. You can run the test again or save the results for your review by your health provider.