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NANNING Cheap Jordan Shoes Kids , China, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) -- American Simone Biles sealed four golds and one silver in the world gymnastics championships that closed here on Sunday, helping the United States top the medal standings with 4 golds 2 silvers and 4 bronzes.


Hosts China finished second with 3-3-1, followed by DPR Korea with two golds on vaults. Japan, which topped the standings in 2013 with 4 golds, placed fourth this year with 1-3-2.


The first title in this championships was at stake on Oct. 7 Cheap Jordan Shoes Retro , when China and Japan showed the fiercest duel in the men's team final. Thanks to Olympic team gold medalist Zhang Chenglong's stunning performance in high bar, the last apparatus event, China edged Japan 0.1 point to claim their record-extending sixth consecutive team gold.


""We decided long ago that we were going to use the hardest set of movements for tonight's competition because the Japanese team has been a very strong competitor,"" Zhang said.


The U.S. women's team displayed unparalleled performance on every apparatus except uneven bars in women's team final, and they defended the team gold with a huge margin of nearly 7 points.


Japan's Kohei Uchimura won his unprecedented fifth straight all-round champion with 91.965 points, almost 1.5 points ahead of the next nearest competitor. The 25-year-old racked up the highest score on two of the six events with 15.766 on floor exercise and 15.633 on vault.


Uchimura said during the press conference that he was satisfied with his performance on floor and vault Cheap Jordan Shoes Mens , but his landing on parallel bars and horizontal bar were a little unsteady.


""Now the hardest thing for me is to put 100 percent of daily training's results into my performance during the competition. I haven't been able to achieve that, and I need to further improve myself,"" he said.


Simone Biles from the United States was undoubtedly the most outstanding gymnast in this championships, who snatched four golds and one silver, helping the U.S. top the standings. The 17-year-old had won two golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze in 2013.


Biles told Xinhua that she treated herself as the biggest competitor and every time she just need to go out there and be herself.


When compared with Japan's Kohei Uchimura who won his fifth consecutive all-around title Cheap Jordan Shoes Womens , Biles didn't believe she could challenge his record. But Biles is believed by many to have started an era of her own.


Seven countries shared 10 golds in the apparatus finals, with China, the U.S. and the DPR Korea won two apparatus titles respectively.


""The flying Dutchman"", Epke Zonderland stunned the capacity crowd in high bar final with his marvelous aerial skills and combinations. When Zonderland finished his routines and landed steadily, the crowd burst into cheers.


With 13 countries collecting at least one medal, the 10-day event comes to a perfect conclusion. The next gymnastics worlds will be held in Glasgow next year.


""This championships has been full of surprises. Every detail has been taken into consideration. The organization of this event has reach a level that can be compared to the Olympics Cheap Jordan Shoes Online ,"" said Bruno Grandi, president of the International Federation of Gymnastics (FIG).


Grandi said, ""This event is one of the best during my experience in the FIG, and I hope the gymnastics worlds in the future can be held at the same level.""


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