BioZen – ElectroSmog Stickers

Biozen ElectroSmog Stickers reduce the EMF (electro magnetic fields) which are emitted by any device which has a power adaptor or a battery.

In today’s world, we are surrounded by invisible radiation from technology.

The Electro Magnetic Fields which radiate from these devices cause stress to the body. Radiation emitting devices such as a cell phone held to your ear, in your hand, or even in a car with the windows rolled up can interfere with the production of some proteins and hormones in the body.

These electro magnetic fields can change the body’s chemistry (hormones which affect our DNA).

Reduce these radio frequency waves with Biozen ElectroSmog stickers.

Each sticker contains a thin layer microchip technology which provides an instant invisible shield from EMF radiation.

How BioZen ElectroSmog Stickers Work

The BioZen sticker flattens the harmful wave gradients without affecting signal qualtiy of your device.  This extreme low frequency wave shield provides you with protection from electronic and mobile radiation which stresses the body.  .

Simply apply one sticker to each of your powered, radiation-emitting devices to lower your stress levels by reducing the toxic cell-level load on your body.



Watch This 2 Minute Video To Reduce ElectroSmog In Your Life

Place Biozen Sticker on Cell Phone

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BioZen EMF Protection At The Cell Level

Ziozen changes on water molecules

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